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Life with Joani: Things are Finally Happening

So, our new roof was, for the most part, installed today. It was amazing to me how swift the whole process was executed! Ten men, quietly, diligently getting the job done, grateful for them. Tomorrow is the wrap up and now attentions will be turned inward to the many projects that lie in front of me.

As with every job I am involved with, change is inherent. New build or renovation, to me both are very organic. As projects develop, even with the most detailed of plans ahead of construction, almost always involve some sort of change. Once a project becomes three dimensional, well planned ideas become visually exciting as well as problems that need to be addressed. For example, switches that need to be moved from the middle of the wall to a more efficient side of a door, to a sewer pipe that showed up in the middle of an opening that is key to this beautiful new room you have dreamed of and has to be moved to make this vision become a reality. The orchestration between a builder/remodeler and the designer /home owner is critical to the success of any project. As you pursue your new home build or big remodel…make sure you find the right fit in the builder/designer that will help you thru this very exciting, expensive and at times, a trying venture.

Ask…do your styles fit each other? Is there good communication? Is there a clear plan for construction/design, is the budget realistic (and EVERYONE has a budget) and is everyone clear on this budget.

So, back to me. As with many projects, good contractors are essential. Many of my go-to teams are still booked up from Harvey remodels and that trumps my project all day long!!!

Fingers crossed I can get the boys bath done as well as the entry by Thanksgiving ….then 2019….here we come!

Next Week….my selections. joani

Life with Joani: Plans

Change; not everyone is a fan, but I’ve always loved change. When I was younger, extreme change, risk taker was a big part of who I’ve become. Along comes real life and children and the risks had to dial back a bit….but just a bit. More on that later.

Approaching the remodel/refresh/change of my own house, I need to put on my designer/client glasses. Following my own method that I bring to any design job, I need to assess all that needs to be done and the dollars involved, and then, be realistic about the time frame to complete the job.

My list of what I want done before Thanksgiving is BIG! There is no way, in the best of circumstances, this can happen. Therefore, I must pick and choose. Unfortunately, before the fun can begin, I need a new roof! Just one of the most unpleasant ways to spend money, but it has to be done!
From there, my goals are to refresh the entry with new paint, wallpaper, lighting, furniture and rugs. This then leads to the family room. BIG JOB! RIP OUT EVERYTHING! GET RID OF MOST EVERYTHING! I have already passed beautiful lamps and a few pieces of art on to some dear friends. I still love these pieces but for now, they will live so much better in another home…change.
In addition, remodel our boys bathroom, I mean a total gut job! Given the circumstances of our city with the aftermath of Harvey, these two projects may prove to be a tall order but Im going to give it my best.

I am working on my design plan which for me always starts with fabric. Fabric evokes such emotion and passion. I have spent most of my married life in a “guy” house. Paisley’s (go figure), menswear, geometrics, neutrals and strong color. This time, Im going to “girl it up a little”, and this starts with the only firm decision I have made………a tight back, english arm Vanguard sofa that they are bringing out of retirement one last time for me and a client who lost hers in the flood ,mine, covered in Kravet pink velvet! This is my launch pad for the family room/entry and I am pumped! All will flow from there!

Boys bath, I will think about that tomorrow.
Time to feed the girls!

Talk soon, joani

Life of Joani: An Adventure in Empty Nesting

So, I’m in my first week as an empty nester. I am feeling the extreme need to deep clean. Is that another form of nest? I’m not sure… My first step was to examine the aftermath in my son’s room after dropping him off at college. I did a pass through, assessed, then had to step away for a moment. Then, with my grit…I dove in…cleaning, dusting, and throwing away. I was on auto pilot!

I thought, “he’s away for the weekend, right?”. That’s what my mind told me, I’ve got to get it done. Then, poof! Back to reality. This is real. So what happens next? TOTAL CHANGE!

I have time to think and walk and see what is before me. My beautiful house is tired! Completely remodeled 10 years ago, it caught the better of the very busy years of two very active boys. On first glance, there are still beautiful things all around and yet, upon further inspection, chipped paint, dented walls, flat sofa cushions, stained carpet, faded fabric… This house, our home, has lived!

It’s been great, but now on to the next chapter! I’m ready to hit the refresh button and it’s going to be fun! (stay tuned!!) I need a minute to get a plan together but I can’t wait to share it with you!

Empty nesting…here I come!

More soon,


New Beginnings

As I write my first blog, I find myself with a new beginning. After dropping off our youngest son at college this past week, I am simply wondering how could this all have happened so fast?

I am a mother and businesswoman, with both struggles and successes. We have our two sons, and our business, Paisley House, which is also our child of sorts. But, my husband and I have now raised two boys, one fully launched and the other, on the way to life as an adult. We are blessed with two amazing young men, and for the most part, parenting has been an amazing ride. Although there were sleepless nights, frustration and tears, what we have today is accomplishment, joy and a grateful heart. I wouldn’t trade any of these moments, as they have created the young men we have today.

Today, I feel the same about “raising” Paisley House. She started as an infant, grew to a toddler, and now, I believe we are in our teen years. Her rapid growth and the miles ahead greatly excite me, even as the past has been a roller coaster of emotions. However, we are thankful for the sleepless nights, frustrations, tears, as they’ve given us so many accomplishments and in turn, joy.

I am excited now for this new beginning, where I am still a wife and mother but also a woman entrepreneur with a lot of runway ahead of her……and a lot more time to create!

If you are new to Paisley House, we welcome you with an open heart and to our wonderful Paisley House clients: we thank you!  We look forward to many years to come as we evolve, and evolve and evolve and we can’t wait to have you come along with us!

Talk Soon,