Making Decisions To Optimize Your Space

vintage wallpaper with flowersCustomizing a room, a home, or other specified space is a rewarding process, and getting the most from your space is ideal. Indeed, there’s something magical about making a space yours, and the sky is truly the limit in terms of your design options. While it can be troubling at times to figure out where to start, our team is prepared to help guide the process in a way that works best for you and your unique needs. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers discuss ways you can optimize the space you are given by considering a few important rules and decisions.

Carpets, Rugs and Other Flooring

It goes without saying that there are various ways you can pursue the vision you hold for a particular space. While various elements such as colors, textures, flooring, and more can all be implemented in ways that promote an elegant layout, it is important to recognize, too, that some structural elements of your home must be considered when pursuing your project. For example, a room with a large bay window will need to factor in how it influences your design and layout, otherwise you may end up accidentally restricting your project significantly.

When pursuing a room remodel or makeover, one of the largest elements to consider involves your flooring. Although you may feel as though only one or two options will fulfill your desires, you might have a change of heart after implementing other items.

In order to avoid the regret – and more importantly, the investment – of completing a project just to recognize it is not what you wanted, we take the time to consult with our clients thoroughly and formulate a plan before pursuing your project. This includes going through the logistics of different flooring, including use of rugs and carpet.

Wallpaper or Paint?

Another consideration we can help with includes choosing wall designs and patterns. Years ago, wallpaper became a hot commodity, as it allowed you to customize your walls with lovely patterns, designs, and more. It has since lost a bit of popularity, but that does not mean it is out!

If wallpaper is not for you, however, we can help in paint selection for your space. Whether you need assistance in complementing colors to your fixtures and furniture, or you want to determine the best wallpaper patterns, textures, or designs, we can help.

An Eye for Detail

When it comes down to it, design requires more than a vision: it takes a team of dedicated designers that recognize your vision. While you can certainly go at it alone, having a team of dedicated designers on your side will help bring your vision to an entirely new level.

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