Is it Time for a Remodel?

Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.In last week’s blog, we discussed the benefits of having a design team on your side when building your new home. While many families enjoy starting from scratch, sometimes it can be beneficial to consider an entirely new perspective with their current space. In this week’s blog, your Houston, TX experts at Paisley House Design Interiors addresses when it is time to consider a remodel and the benefits that come along with it.

Reimagining Your Space

Events such as the last child heading off to college or moving to a new home can spark a desire to reimagine a place in a new light, signaling a transition between one stage of life to another. For many, this is a natural occurrence and it only makes sense to reflect that. With the help of an expert interior designer, you can rest assured that function as well as beauty works hand-in-hand and taken into consideration. We begin by hosting a consultation, in which we work closely with you to identify specific aspects that you want included in the final product. We take your exact space into account and discuss everything from colors, patterns, usage, accents, and more to ensure we come to a conclusion that you are not just satisfied with, but one that will leave you elated. We communicate actively to ensure everything is handled exactly as you want it, even offering to work with any contractors or other third parties needed to complete your dream. For more information on this process, contact our team today.

Keeping Up with Trends

Like many home owners, you may have created your home years ago with the latest trends in mind. As time progresses, however, certain styles, patterns, and more are lost to previous years, rendering some spaces or fads as out or even tacky. Fortunately, this can easily be addressed as your Houston, TX team comes with the added benefit of an in-house retail store and boutique. Our store holds the latest in up-to-date designs, patterns, and unique sets of home furnishings that can be purchased and customized to fit your specific individual needs.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Whether you are looking to complete one room or several, ensuring your ideas and thoughts are properly reflected in the final product is always our top priority. After all, this is the place you will spend a large amount of your time, and there is no reason not to love it through and through! We are more than happy to have an involved role in bringing your vision to life, and welcome you to reach out to us.

Contact Our Team

Having a place that you not only enjoy but cherish as a place of memories is what we strive to provide, and there is no reason you should have anything short of that. Contact the team at Paisley House Design Interiors in Houston, TX by calling (713) 463-7600 to get started on bringing your dream home to reality today!